Chic Nutrition launched in 2011 on a one-to-one basis while our group sessions have also proved popular with both men and women.

Allow Chic Nutrition to educate you on your nutritional requirements and show you the path that will enable you to feel free from ‘diets’, never needing to following the latest ‘fad diet’, stop counting points or following colour days.

Unknown-1Chic Nutriton is more than that, offering you the tools to become confident within yourself and giving you the ability to have complete control over your own dietary requirements.

Losing weight and maintaining your long term goal is about finding a plan that will be easy to follow, its about understanding why and what for and about putting you first until you learn how. There is always a way and this plan will give you everything that you need to achieve your personal goal.

1-1 sessions are bespoke to you or we can look at 2:1 sessions if you prefer. Contact Zoe 07775 421209 for more information