About Chic Fitness

Chic Fitness has come so far and we continue to offer our clients a range of fitness classes to suit all the family.

Although we no longer offer Pole Fitness classes, its important to note that in 2013 Chic Fitness won the All-Wales Pole Championships’ People’s Choice Award and in total we’ve raised in excess of £10,000 for children’s charities – just a couple of the ways we have been excelling in the fitness field from which all of our clients are benefiting.

We provide a good mixture of cardio and muscular endurance work outs in the area of Denbighshire and always have new, fresh and exciting classes on offer. Chic Fitness focus on both, working alongside Chic Nutrition to ensure that you are fueling your body with the correct energy.

Some of the common questions we get asked…..

Am i too old? Our class participants age between 4-90+! Yes you read right….. 90+ years old. That is the joy of Zumba and the specialities (Gold, Gold chair, Kids, Aqua etc…) So the answer is NO, you are not too old.

Am i Too ‘big’? Do you really think our clients come to us looking ‘perfect’, slender and strong? Erm…. no. Certainly not all the time. It is our job to get you there. You just need to attend and be dedicated. The results come over time.

I don’t think I’m strong enough? Did you really just say that? OK lets put things into perspective here. You have weak muscles because you don’t train them. We lift weights, we have muscles. You join Chic, you lift weights, you have muscles! Simple 😉

…..And we hear this all the time. We don’t do excuses ladies! Here is your ‘kick up the bum’ you need.